Industrial Shutters

An industrial roller shutter door is important to any industry regardless of it's size. ADAXXA aim to offer the best industrial roller shutter doors prices on the UK market with our highly competitive pricing policy and commitment to the highest quality doors supplied.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors offer the neatest possible solution to securing most openings. They come in practically any size and specification depending on many factors such as the requirement for insulation, glazing, opening speed and more.

ADAXXA have installed roller shutter doors to industrial premises and have staff experienced in both the technical and installation aspects who can advise you on the correct specification to suit your individual needs. Over these years, we have learnt about what makes an effective, reliable industrial roller shutter door and have selected many partner manufacturers who have provided this quality time and time again.

Most industrial roller shutters used for warehouse loading bay facilities are quite large to allow lorries to gain full access height and therefore are normally electrically operated. Electric operation is also used if the door has to be frequently opened and closed however we recommend manual operation for low useage smaller doors sizes only.